The Smart School Transport Management System

For Schools

The MyRide School Bus for Schools App easily connects the school, the bus and the guardian regarding the students location and safety while in transit.

School Web App

Benefits to the School

MyRide SchoolBus is an easy to use modern solution that will transform your school transport management. Not only does it improve accountability when handling transport related matters but also boosts schools brand value attracting more parents to subscribe to school transport. This has directly increases revenue from improved school bus sign ups by parents.


Easy to use dashboard with overview of all your school’s transport data


Enables easy communication between the school, bus staff and parents.


Generate reports easy and fast

School Mobile App

Benefits to the School Bus Crew

As a School bus attendant, MyRide SchoolBus allows quick real time check in of students, saving precious trip time. The attendant can easily communicate with parents fast and cost effectively in case of issues and hence reduce cases of lateness and delays. It is also Better routing for effective trips


Student manifest/list for quick check in.


Direct notification to parent/guardian upon pickup/drop off


Easy messaging feature directly to the parents

For Parents

The MyRide School Bus for Parents App provides you with greater control of your child's safety and accountability while using school transportation.

Parents / Guardians Mobile App

Benefits to Parents and Guardians

Every parent/guardian needs peace of mind knowing that their child is safe while commuting to a from school. MyRide SchoolBus app gives you real time alerts when your child boards and alights the school bus. It also gives you actual update on the location of the bus using GPS.

It also allows you to communicate effectively with the bus attendant when need arises. This also saves you money by signing up for efficient, accountable and safe school transport.


Real time notification to your phone upon pick up or drop off by the bus


You can track the buses live location on your phone using the map feature


Get alerts, updates and communication from the bus crew on your phone.


Maintains records of previous bus rides for quick reference.

What They Say About Us.

  • We are happy to be at the forefront of technology in delivering value to the students as well as the parents. Less complaints from the parents has given us time to focus on service delivery. This is very good value for our investment.

    Dr. Omutanyi Principal, Citam Schools
  • A big thank-you for MyRide schoolbus app. Gone are the days of worrying about when my son will be dropped, or when the bus is going to pick him.

    Mary, Parent, Citam Schools Parent
  • MyRide Schoolbus saves us a lot of time on the road. It has removed the headache of communication with parents while driving. This is the kind of innovations that we need.

    Sonko Driver, Citam Woodley


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