PSV Consultancy

Due to our experience and connections in the PSV industry in Kenya, we have gained quite a wealth reserve of knowledge in the industry and hence have vital information and data for interested parties that can be useful for research and precise decision making.

Feel free to reach us in case you would like to consult over any of the following points:

  • Public Transport Data in Kenya
  • Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Management
  • PSV SACCO guide & information
  • Matatu (PSV) Ratings
  • Commuter Statistics
  • Technology in Public Transport
  • School Buses in Kenya
  • PSV Routes & Mapping
  • Current Top PSV Profiles
  • PSV Industry Contacts
  • Latest News in the PSV Industry
  • Matatu Fabricators, Designers & Garages
  • Matatu owners Association
  • Public Transport in Africa
  • PSV Industry Events, Seminars & Meet Ups
  • PSV Laws and Regulations
  • PSV Stakeholders