The Guardian School Bus app is designed to greatly boost the user experience of the school’s transport services. We desire to:

  • Boost the safety or your child when using the school bus.
  • Provide an extra level of peace of mind when your child is on transit
  • Reduce friction on your end whenever there are delays, early drop-offs, or any other emergencies
  • Increase information at hand to empower you to make timely decisions concerning your child

To this end, the app, among other things, provides you with:

  • Notifications whenever your child boards or alights from the school bus.
  • Real-time updates on the location of the child’s school bus. No missing school bus again.
  • Direct updates to your phone in case of delays while in transit or even early drop-offs.
  • Records of previous bus rides for your reference

We earnestly seek your cooperation as this app, not only provides the school transport department with greater control of your child’s safety and accountability, but it also will enable it to optimize the transport services over time. Reduction in transit times will improve the children’s experience.