Giving You Peace of Mind With MySchoolBus


The following is a real life situation that happened in Nairobi the other day.

Parents take note. I Witnessed a scary incident today and thought to bring it to your notice for safety of our children.

This morning, as my husband was crossing the road to his place of work, he saw a man carrying a little girl dressed in school uniform. The girl was crying and pulling his hair. At first, my husband assumed the kid might be cranky because she might not want to be in school. But she was constantly pulling the man's hair and the level of fight she was putting up was unusual.

MPs approve new traffic regulations for school buses


All school buses will be required to be painted yellow with the school's name written on them in black, in a wide range of changes aimed at enhancing safety.

The new regulations are contained in the 2016 Traffic (Amendment) Bill passed by the National Assembly on Wednesday and is awaiting President Uhuru Kenyatta's signature.


Is ‘Timbaland’ the hottest school bus?


School buses of today are sleek. Gone are the days when students rode in some old lorry coughing its way through traffic. Starehe Boys Centre had ‘Wooden Horse’ also nicknamed ‘Dennis Dragon’ while Dagoretti High School had ‘Jumbo’. Today’s buses are an identity that defines a high school. After conducting a brief survey, here are three buses Nairobians ranked top three.