What is it?

MySchoolBus is a mobile and web based application that gives the school, parents and school bus crew great convenience and peace of mind. It consists of two mobile apps and a web dashboard with fantastic user experience.

How It works

This image shows how the guardian application works

Benefits to Parents and Guardians

  • Real time alerts on when your child boards and alights the school bus
  • Actual update on the location of the bus using GPS
  • Direct updates to your phone in case of emergencies while in transit
  • Savings by signing up for school transport

Benefits to the School

  • Convenience in handling transport related matters
  • Boosts schools brand value attracting more parents
  • Improved revenue from increased school bus sign ups
  • Easy to use system availed for fleet, staff and student management

Benefits to the Bus Crew

  • Quick real time check in of students saves time
  • Direct connection with parents for ease of communication
  • Reduced lateness and delay incidences from pick ups